Stretch Marks Can be removed

Almost all women that have babies have stretch marks.  This is just a fact of life.

Some of us hate stretch marks but some of us can live with them.  For the some of us that want to get rid of stretch marks, there are options available.

There are surgeries that can remove stretch marks.  The surgery can be really expensive though and isn’t guaranteed to get rid of all the stretch marks.  In fact, even if it does remove most or all of the stretch marks, there will still be some scars from the surgery.  But on the bright side, surgery on your tummy can actually make it tighter if it is sagging from pregnancy.

Laser treatments can also often remove stretch marks.  This can be expensive too, but not usually as expensive as surgery.  You will need to have the laser treatment done a bunch of times, that will depend on how many stretch marks you have and how deep they are.  There can be a bit of pain and tenderness from the treatment but it is usually not too bad unless you have very low tolerance for pain.

Another method for removing stretch marks is called dermabrasion.  This is like sandblasting your skin – microscopic beads are shot against your skin with a special system and then immediately vacuumed off.  This treatment works better for things like acne scarring or pock marks but is less useful for stretch mark removal.  Still, it is an option though not a very good one.

The best method for stretch mark removal is using a natural cream specifically designed to remove stretch marks.  Why is this the best method?  Simple – it is the safest way to remove stretch marks.  It is also the cheapest.  Using a cream might cost you $100 or so; laser treatment will cost you a couple thousand dollars at least and surgery can cost up to $10,000.

If people tell you that you can’t get rid of stretch marks once you have them, you can let them know nicely that they are wrong.  There have been so many advances in science in the last ten years that with a little bit of patience and not very much money, you can easily remove your stretch marks and get back to wearing that bikini.

You can read more about how stretch marks form on Wikipedia.

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