How To Bleach Your Vagina

Women tend to put more time, energy and effort in making their physical appearance attractive and appealing. While exercising and following healthy diet make them look fit, additional efforts like trying different hair do every day, learning make-up skills and getting new dresses for all occasions, make them look adorable and stunning in all respect. But, there is one aspect of our physical appearance – Vagina color, that we had no control over before the introduction of revolutionary concept like bleaching.

Grooming intimate area is the new obsession being followed by women of all ages and kinds. Of course, everyone likes to look good and feel good and without vagina bleaching all the other efforts made might give a feeling of incompleteness to most women.

Once popular with adult movie stars, vaginal bleaching is now becoming popular among regular women too. There is a growing number of beauty spa and salons that have started offering this service. From a housewife to corporate professional, everyone wants to have a sparkling clean vulva. For most women, it is also a way to keep their intimate life exciting and spruced up, while for many others it is just a part of their regular beauty regime. Whatever the purpose it may solve, the trend of vaginal bleaching is becoming popular all over the world among women of all ages.

If you are someone who wants to try bleaching at home and not spend hundreds of dollars on spa centers, then the below given process should help you get started. Read on to know how to bleach your vagina at home, without professional help.

Vaginal Bleaching Process – How To Bleach Your Vagina

  1. First of all, remember you should only apply the bleach cream on outer skin surrounding your vagina. Your vagina is hidden beneath multiple layer of the skin and the cream should only be applied on the upper layer. Avoid pushing your hands hard to prevent the cream from entering other layers.
  2. Apply cream on the vagina area and rub it with gentle hands Rub it until the cream is totally absorbed by the skin.
  3. Apply on the area that you intend to lighten. If it irritates, rub off the cream with damp cloth.
  4. If it works fine the first time, repeat the procedure once a month to get complete white skin. Once you reach your desired skin tone, stop using the product until the need arises again.

Always store the container or bottle in a cool and dry area, away from direct sunlight and humidity. It is advised to use the product with SPF 30+ sun block, especially if you are heading for swimming or beach.

Vaginal Bleaching Ingredients

There are a number of vaginal bleaching products available in the market. You can choose to opt for any type of product that you think will suit your skin. However, natural and dermatological tested products are best recommended when it comes to treating such a sensitive area of the body. Many over the counter available vagina bleaching products use harsh chemicals such as kojic acid, mercury and hydroquinone. However, these ingredients are banned in many countries to be used on sensitive areas. On the other hand, some products can be ineffective due to weak ingredients used and might even give oily feel. So make sure you go through the list of ingredients before buying any bleaching product. Besides harmful chemicals, it should not contain perfumes or parabens.

Who Can Use Vagina Bleaching Creams?

Irrespective of ethnicity and skin tone, vaginal bleaching creams tend to work on all types of skin. Anyone who wants to get lighter or even color on their sensitive areas can use lightening cream. Although this type of personal grooming was earlier only popular with adult film stars, exotic dancers, and celebrities, but today it has become more socially acceptable and being used in all homes.

At the time of buying vagina bleach creams, make sure you focus on 100% natural and gentle products that are free from harmful ingredients. A good bleach should be able to give you a fresh, clean and attractive vagina. It is important to understand that any product that you use on private areas should be enough powerful to deliver effective results, while being sensitive enough to avoid any kind of skin damages. Make sure you do a patch test before start using any product.

Private Part Bleaching Tips